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    Don’t get too excited about Clive Palmer — yet

    Suddenly Clive Palmer has displaced Pauline Hanson as the tribune of discontented Queensland voters. The polling basis for that is thin indeed — but Palmer's technique is a last-minute ad blitz that has shifted votes before and could do it again.

    In the ‘blind spot’ with Susan Moylan-Coombs

    There's a creeping belief that Warringah is a two-horse race between Tony Abbott and Zali Steggall, but independent candidate Susan Moylan-Coombs specialises in things that are often overlooked.

    The charade of silence in a nation of noise

    The dignity of private reflection has never been the case for us on Anzac Day. The silence I would like to afford the dead was shattered from the start.

    News Corp paper legitimises 4chan in social media roundup

    The violent underworld of the internet gets a plug in Adelaide's paper.

    The plot twist few saw coming in the ‘rate cut looms’ drama

    The Reserve Bank has been watching unemployment closely to decide if interest rates needed to be cut. But now, inflation has thrown a spanner in the works by falling in the March quarter, reflecting a weakening economy.

    Australian media’s coverage of the Pacific has almost completely disappeared

    The ABC is the only Australian outlet with a correspondent in the Pacific. Have we stopped caring about our closest neighbours? And if so, why?

    In the red corner, Albo and baby-face Luke Creasey start swinging against Bandt

    Anthony Albanese has helped launch Luke Creasey's ambitious campaign to knock off Adam Bandt in the now-solidly Greens seat of Melbourne.

    How to use Facebook to influence Australian voters for just $20 a day

    Unfortunately it seems advertising on Facebook in Australia for political purposes is still a 2016 US election-esque case of “catch me if you can”.

    Trending news

    Warringah polling shows that it’s lonely being Tony

    Abbott is going full local candidate this time because he's facing a genuine challenger — and the early polling was terrible for him.? ??

    This election could be the end of leaders like Bill Shorten

    Across the world, the notion that progressive parties should accept a centrist and safe figure for the purposes of electability is going out the door.

    Watergate scandal isn’t corruption — it’s how Australian capitalism works

    The "watergate" scandal around the purchase of water from a politically-connected tax exile isn't atypical of Australian capitalism — it's the model for much of Australian business.

    The clock is ticking for the Coalition and time is short

    The Coalition has to turn around the polls — and the the election is approaching even more rapidly than it might initially seem.

    The dominant story of the election is weak household income

    The only economic issue in the coming election should be household income and how wages policy can lift it.

    Smoking is down but it’s still bringing in big bucks for the government

    Pulling in a budget surplus from tobacco excise has knock-on effects that need to be considered

    Ridiculous budget oversight could be a baby bonus (or a mistake)

    Using a six-year-old statistic to plan for fertility rates could point to an attractive possibility for Morrison: baby bonus redux.

    Letting down start-ups: how the government has abandoned innovation

    By stunting the growth of the start up sector we're turning our backs on innovation and setting up the country for issues down the road.

    Also trending

    Everything you need to know about the water buyback scandal

    Australia now has its own "watergate" and there are calls for a royal commission. How did we get here?

    Liberal Party received donations from Eastern Australia Agriculture

    Good morning, early birds. The NSW Liberals received donations from one of the beneficiaries of the controversial Murray-Darling Basin water contracts, and two Australians have been confirmed killed in the terror attacks in Sri Lanka. It's the news you need to know, with?Chris Woods.?

    Israel Folau’s case is simple, once you look past the distractions

    There are broader questions that don’t have clear answers, of course. But it's not so complex when you keep your eye on the ball.


    They really said that?

    If no one in the Senate brings a malicious case and steals my dog in front of my children, I probably won’t choke anybody there.


    A man who assaulted a police officer and choked an RSPCA inspector explains why he’s the best fit for Fraser Anning’s new party.


    The Thirst World War

    This week: looooooong-hand multiplication, the coming war with Iran, and Ellsberg and Chomsky on Assange.


    Memewatch: Palmer takes an early lead

    Clive Palmer is spending millions on campaigning, but will his dank memes get him over the line in the end?

    Record youth enrolment is great, but what does it mean?

    The youth enrolment rate is at the highest level ever at around 88%, but experts are uncertain what this indicates.

    This election could be the end of leaders like Bill Shorten

    Across the world, the notion that progressive parties should accept a centrist and safe figure for the purposes of electability is going out the door.

    The doctor is in: Labor’s Bennelong gamble

    Can Dr Brian Owler cure what ails Labor in Bennelong? And will his climate change message cut through in a diverse electorate?

    Labor’s ‘referendum on wages’ off to a tepid start

    Labor says the election will be a referendum on wages, but so far has proposed little that will make a material difference for workers stuck with stagnant incomes.

    What is the ABC for?

    Crikey tries to unravel and distill some of the crucial questions we think the ABC should be asking itself in this post-Guthrie/Milne era.

    Election campaigning back in full force

    Both the Liberals and Labor are set to announce a host of family violence, social service and sporting packages today and Joe Biden has declared his candidacy for 2020. It's the news you need to know, with?Chris Woods.

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    How and why ‘watergate’ became a major story

    The bare bones of the water buyback story have been around for a while — so why is it dominating the political news cycle now?

    Journalists are missing the bigger election coverage question

    There’s no longer one election campaign. There’s hundreds, broken up by electorates, social media platform, gender, age, income and attitudes.

    The Murdoch family members working against the Fox News agenda

    The New York Times' recent investigation into the Murdoch family described?James and Kathryn's more progressive leanings as one of the reasons for tension within the family.

    Assange’s ‘hacking’ indictment the crime of protecting a whistleblower

    Julian Assange did what any good journalist should do: minimise his source's chances of being found out. But that is now conspiracy to commit a crime in the eyes of the US government.

    News Corp boss lashes NYT ‘hatchet job’, ignoring his own papers’ scandals

    News Corp CEO Robert Thomson attacked the?New York Times and social media platforms in making the annual Keith Murdoch oration in Melbourne on Tuesday night.

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